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Centennial Vision for COGIC Haiti (1929 - 2029)

Please pray for Haiti

A 7.2-magnitude earthquake struck Haiti last week, claiming more than 2,000 lives, with a total that has yet to be counted and thousands injured. Buildings, including churches, schools, homes, and other structures were flattened. The destruction has also pushed hospitals to the brink. Complicating matters further were thunderstorms that drenched the people that slept outdoors. The humanitarian crisis marked by COVID 19, political instability and basic safety and security issues make life difficult.

COGIC-HAITI has also been greatly affected by this horrible earthquake as more than ten churches and over 300 homes of parishioners were destroyed. Other church structures in the affected areas are also unsafe. We are still assessing the full extent and number of deaths, injuries among our members and the damage to our buildings.

Delivery of supplies, food and relief is further complicated by the disruption of supply lines by the earthquake, but also by gangs that claim territorial control over key transport routes.

We are deploying an emergency response team to prioritize the following:

  • Emergency food delivery;
  • Supplies of water and purification/treatment kits;
  • Medical care/first aid;
  • Temporary shelter; and
  • Reconstruction of destroyed churches.

Photograph: Agência Brasil

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Our Mission

The advancement of the Gospel through COGIC Haiti must be grounded in this original agenda established by our Lord. In the current context of Haitian reality at the dawn of the twenty-first century, this agenda can be fulfilled through the inspiring guidance of the HOLY SPIRIT to bring about reconstruction, evangelization, education, and excellence.

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To God be the glory.  Thank you for visiting our website and supporting the work and ministry of our churches throughout Haïti. Through reading and viewing these pages, we trust you will be encouraged and enlightened. We have been blessed to minister to many people, making real God’s healing and transformative power in the lives of individuals, families, and communities we serve. We have a vision of wholeness, healing, and abundance for Haïti, through the wondrous work and power of Jesus Christ.  May God continue to grow and bless the work started in your life as you serve others.

Bishop Leon D. Pamphile Ph.D.