Centennial Vision

Since his installation at the head of COGIC Haiti, the commitments and actions of Bishop Pamphile are guided by the Church Centennial Vision. As we celebrate the ninetieth anniversary, we are already seeing the dawn of the centenary in the year 2029. We are aware of the fact that the Lord accomplishes His purposes according to well-established plans. The example of his relationship with the prophet Habakkuk is convincing. He gave him a definite prophecy: “Write down the revelation, make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it. For the revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not be false. Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay.” …The righteous person will live by his faithfulness (Habakkuk 2: 3-4). In the same spirit of the prophecy of Habakkuk, we are developing this centennial vision so that it so that it be fluently read. It includes reconstruction and the six focal areas:


We continue to pray and work to:

  • Support and encourage our ministers in the work of rebuilding churches destroyed or damaged by the 2010 earthquake.
  • Build new churches


With the help of God, we will work to achieve these goals:

  • Establish a church in the ten geographical departments of the country
  • Establish a radio station for the spread of the Gospel
  • Work fervently for the salvation of souls.


Following the biblical ordinance to excel in all things (2Co 8: 7), we intend to apply the EXCELSIOR principle to:

  • Promote better administration of our churches.
  • Promote the growth and management of our churches
  • Encourage excellence in the preaching and teaching of the doctrine of the Church of God in Christ


For the literacy of our faithful, the training of our youth and the equipment of our ministers, we work to achieve these objectives:

  • Establish Literacy Centers Literacy for ALL MEMBERS of the Church of God in Christ
  • Establish primary and secondary schools in our districts.
  • Establish a branch of the UNIVERSITY JEAN PRICE-MARS, Campus Church of God in Christ Latremblay

Mutual Help

By means of mutual help, we intend to mobilize all the professional and technical resources of the Church of God in Christ: health workers, lawyers, educators, engineers, men and women of trades in order to:

  • Promote evangelization
  • Provide services in the appropriate areas.
  • Promote health programs
  • Help each other with different tasks for the progress of the gospel
  • Promote team spirit
  • Establish a social assistance program for the elderly and disabled
  • Acquire transportation buses

Agricultural Exploitation

God gave us a 104 acre parcel of land in Hinche. We intend to work to take exploit it by:

  • The creation of the CENTER PLATEAU
    Development Board
  • The foundation of a church and school
  • Setting up a farming system